Friday, January 23, 2009

Favorite Things Friday: Handy Manny

After a brief hiatus, Favorite Things Friday is back! Today, for the 12th edition of Favorite Things Friday, I bring you one of my--and Lucas's--favorite cartoons: Handy Manny.

There are so many annoying cartoons out there. If you have a young child, you know what I'm talking about. And, Lucas, well, he tends to get into cartoon jags. It's Caillou or Max and Ruby and over and over and over again until I am ready to poke my eyes out.

But, Handy Manny.

Well, I never tire of Handy Manny. The story lines are good. Not complicated, but good. I love that the mayor and owner of hardware store are both women. Manny is really a great guy. And, it doesn't hurt that he has a super smooth voice. Had I actually gotten to meet Wilmer Valderrama at the Latino Gala, I'm pretty sure I would have been the only woman there screaming "I love you, Handy Manny!"

If your child does start watching Handy Manny, be prepared: every hammer you see will be named "Pat" every saw "Dusty" and every wrench "Squeeze".


  1. You made me laugh with the "I love you Handy Manny" comment. :) - Sincerely, your sister who is too lazy to sign into her blogger account to write send this.

  2. and too lazy to do a proof read before publishing her comment...

  3. I love Handy Manny;
    unfortunately, my son is outgrowing it - sigh...
    but I love that it is so sweet...
    and NOT annoying...
    "Max, don't play with that; Max, what are you doing?"
    Where are Max and Ruby's parents ??!!!!


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