Thursday, January 29, 2009

Pride cometh before a fall

It has happened to me so often in my life that I should know it is coming. As soon as I get prideful, cocky or too sure of myself, something happens to bring me down a notch or two.

One of the most memorable experiences of this was, quite literally, a fall. I was just out of college and working on Capitol Hill. I was going somewhere--I have no idea where--and was all dressed up in a great suit and heels. I remember thinking that I looked great, felt great, was off to some great event. Life was grand. I was oh-so-confidently walking down the moving escalator at Capitol South. Then. Suddenly. I was falling. Down the escalator. Luckily, after a few steps, I caught myself. Even more luckily, I hadn't ripped my pants. Though, my leg underneath was pretty scraped up (how does that happen that your skin cuts but your pants don't rip?). My pride was a bit bruised, too.

So yesterday, as I sat on the couch cuddling with Lucas during an episode of Handy Manny, I should have known what was coming. I was sitting there with my almost-too-big-for-my-lap son on my lap thinking that it had been a really successful two days at home, just the two of us. (One my normal day off, the other a snow day.) We had a lot of fun playing out in the snow on three different occasions and we even did lots of fun activities in the house (we painted, played games and watched not-too-much TV). I had straightened up, conquered a mountain of laundry, shredded and made really great dinners each night. I was feeling like I had everything under control and was feeling pretty proud of that fact.

Until. My lap started feeling a little warm. And wet.

Yes, Lucas, who is rarely having an accident these days, peed all over me. And him. And the couch.

Pride. Then the fall.


  1. Oh No! Well, at least you were at home.

  2. Girl, I soooo feel you on this one...

    Sorry about the mess!

  3. Funny you should write this. Sarah also thinks that as soon as she starts thinking prideful thoughts everything will fall apart. It is not true! You just don't think positive thoughts often enough.

  4. Oh I know that feeling all too well...The pee on the lap and also the pride before the fall! Just know you aren't alone! :)


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