Monday, January 5, 2009

Wanting a baby

Tap. Tap. Tap. Is this thing on?

Seriously, dear readers, I oh-so-casually drop "get pregnant" into my list of New Year's resolutions here and not a single comment about it?

Hmmm...perhaps it is only news of an actual pregnancy that elicits comments.

(I'm not.)

But, I want to be.

Almost all our friends with kids had their first child after us and has had or will be having a second child before us. I hate that at this point Lucas will be approximately 4 years older than a future sibling. I mean, first we stick him with a crappy birth date then this?

I know, I know, it is fine for siblings to be several years apart. I'm sure Lucas has gotten many benefits from being an only child for this long. But, when I thought about our family, I just always thought that any children would be closer in age.

In my ideal world, we would have gotten preggers this past summer. But, a little thing called ITP put a big wrench into those plans. Back in August, I inquired about getting pregnant and got this response: "Well, if you do, we'll certainly deal with it. But, we strongly recommend you wait."

And so we waited and I continued to ask.

In early December my platelet count came in just below normal, which was a very dramatic increase for me. I'm praying that it will be at that level or even a little higher at my next bloor draw and if it is then that will be my green light.

I'll still be considered a high risk pregnancy because pregnancy in itself has the potential to lower your platelet count. But, that just means that I'll be monitored very closely we'll deal with any possible complications as they come.

With Lucas, I was blessed to get pregnant quickly (very quickly--is that TMI?) but wanting a baby and being told to wait certainly has given me just a hint of what it must feel like to deal with infertility.


  1. You are too funny! I DID notice your resolution, but I guess that I didn't comment because I wasn't really surprised! Anyway, I hope that God answers your prayers quickly and easily. I will certainly pray for your health and that you are blessed with another child.

  2. Good luck with your resolution :)

    My good thoughts and prayers are with you... for another baby and one not-born-around-the-holidays :)

  3. Good luck!! May it happen quickly again. :)

  4. Sorry about the no comment. I'm with Blondie on this one and almost thought you were maybe already preggers. I too will be praying for a high platelet count!!

  5. I noticed your resolution and hope that it happens as quickly as it did with Lucas. He's a wonderful little boy who will make a fabulous big brother when the time comes! :)

  6. um know, I mentioned it, in an email to you I said, "I hope you get everything you want."

  7. I am waaaay behind on my entries, so I'm just getting to this now... but I wish you a healthy pregnancy this year!! Not being able to get pregnant when you want to is among life's most unfair feelings... and it doesn't help that seemingly *everyone* around you is pregnant when you're not and you want to be.

    You'll be there, love! Don't worry about the age difference... it all happens for a reason, right?

    And BTW, thank you for the lovely card!! xo


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