Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Shred not Nap

Oh my goodness, three posts in one day. That certainly is a record for me! But, I just had to check back in and give a quick update. (This is why I really need to be on twitter, right?) Anyway, after putting Lucas down for a nap (poor kid was exhausted!) I decided not to crawl into my unmade and oh-so-appealing bed but instead decided to put on my sports bra and running shoes and head back downstairs to check out the 30 Day Shred I'd been hearing about here and here and here. It was tough. Tuff. But, I did it and am feeling even better than I would be after an afternoon nap. Yay for me! (Note: if you have Verizon Fios it is On Demand under My Life then Exercise TV.)


  1. Congrats to you! I did level 1 for the first time last night after reading rave reviews on blogs and I agree. Kinda tough, but not too bad for 20mins, and yeah, hoping to keep it up. But dammit... I have FIOS and didn't know it was On Demand and spent $13 on the actual DVD!

  2. yeah for you!

    And thanks for the shout out and you joined twitter!

  3. I didn't know its on On Demand! Yay for you! I have to say, I've never done 30 days in a row, but she gives a good workout and I'm too scared to move to level 2!

    Yay on joining twitter! *passing the cup of Kool Aid*


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