Friday, January 16, 2009

End of a good run?

If you came here today expecting my weekly edition of Favorite Things Friday, I'm sorry to disappoint. I've got nothing. Seriously, I've been wracking my brain for the past two days trying to come up with something I love enough to give it the honor of a Favorite Things Friday feature. And. Nothing.

I mean really? Are there only 11 things that I love?

Certainly there are more. I just can't think of them at the moment. So, let's just call this a mental health day for Favorite Things Friday. I'm sure it will be back next week.


  1. I'll share a favorite thing of mine today: sending 100 personalized emails in about 30 seconds using mail merge in Microsoft Word! Love, love, LOVE it!!

  2. hello?! how about your favorite SISTER! :)


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