Friday, January 4, 2008

A little, er, big elf

The Christmas that Lucas was born my mom stayed with us from the day he was born until about December 30th. She was oh-so-helpful the entire time, but the best part by far was when I came downstairs one afternoon after a nap to find Lucas bundled up and sleeping and all of our Christmas decorations packed up and put away.

Who doesn't love unwrapping each ornament and carefully placing each decoration? And who doesn't yearn for their house to get back to normal while DREADING the task of putting everything away? Well, if you don't, I certainly do.

Over the last few days I've been dreaming of having a little elf come to pack up all our decorations, take down the tree, and get our house back to normal.

How pleasantly surprised was I, then, when a certain big elf indeed did the job! Last night I returned from the monthly general meeting of the progressive group which I co-chair (remember, I did tell you that I am politically-involved!) to find Abel knee-deep in newspaper and plastic bins putting everything away.

Thanks Babe! You're the best!

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