Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Tonight at dinner...

Lucas: All Done!

Smiling Mama: Okay Lucas you may get down and play in the living room while Mama and Dada finish eating.

L: hoping down from his booster chair Okay!

Lucas runs to the bottom of the stairs

L: Watch TB

SM: No TV. Lucas. You may play with your trucks or piano or any other toys.

Lucas's shoulders droop, his chin drops, he looks up with major puppy dog eyes

SM: Sorry, buddy, no TV

L: pointing finger at Mama NO! BABE! WATCH TV!

SM: Nope.

Suddenly a spark of hope flickers in Lucas's eyes, he puts on his flirty smile and says...

L: Dada! Mama slkeoiha lkatoieh aslsdlihekx (words unintelligible, but meaning very clear-- Dada, tell Mama she's just being silly and that I can watch TV)

Dada: Desperately trying to hold in his laugh Sorry buddy.

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