Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Pushing my child to be just like me?

I think most parents hope that their children will grow up with open, independent minds. Abel and I do, at least.

Yes, we joke that we'll disown Lucas if he ever decides to become a Republican or a Michigan fan. (Though I don't think Abel is actually joking about the latter.) But overall, we hope to show him a broad range of the world, let him know how we came to believe what we believe, and let him forge his opinions on his own.

Cut to cute side story
My maternal grandmother was a rock-solid devoutly Catholic Democrat. In second grade (after my teacher, Mrs. Sipes, told us that Walter Mondale would make us go to school year-round and that he killed babies) my friends and I decided we were for Regan. For weeks on the playground we made up cheers for Ronald Regan. The next time my family visited my grandmother, I was scared to death to tell her that I supported Regan. But, I felt like I couldn't hide it. She needed to know. When I finally worked up the nerve and told her why I supported him, she very nicely explained that my teacher was not entirely correct but that if I wanted to support Ronald Regan that was my choice and she still loved me no matter what. I was totally relieved--I truly believe there was a chance she wouldn't love me anymore once I was a Republican!

Okay, let's get back on track.

I'm worried that I am pushing my child into a bizarre love of mine: peanut butter sandwiches.

What's weird about that you ask?

Well, I don't eat jelly. Don't get me wrong, jelly is just fine. But not on a peanut butter sandwich.

We were crazy about not letting Lucas eat anything peanut for a solid year ++. When I started making him peanut butter sandwiches I left off the jelly, just like I do for my own. He enjoys a peanut butter sandwich. We both have one for lunch several times a week.

Others tell me that jelly adds a lot to the sandwich. Abel himself heaps on the jelly.

Is Lucas missing out because of me? Am I pushing my love of peanut butter sandwiches on him? When I make my own peanut butter sandwich (JIF ONLY, thank you!) should I be adding jelly to his? Should I give him a plain peanut butter sandwich and a sandwich with jelly and let him choose?

I am truly concerned. (But obviously not enough to have started adding jelly earlier!)

What's your opinion?


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  2. My husband is a jelly freak. he lays it on so thick it drips out. I prefer PB and banana myself and am totally brainwashing my kids to like it that way.

    Thanks for stopping by my blog. Come again!

  3. I believe I was the deleted comment. I made a typo, deleted my comment, and then was too lazy to go back to re-do it. But today is a new day, so here it is:
    Yes you absolutely are depriving him ;) unless, of course, it is a peanut butter sandwhich with no top with a heart drawn in the center. Then it is perfectly fine to be just peanut butter :)


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