Thursday, January 3, 2008

Multiple Choice

Why oh why has my adorable and generally mild-mannered and sweet-natured son turned into a raving lunatic who flies into incomprehensible tantrums approximately every 15 minutes for approximately 20 minutes then returns to being the sweetest boy possible for the next 15 minutes?

a. He has Bipolar Disorder.
b. He has just spent approx. 10 days as the only child surrounded by his devoted, adoring, at-his-beck-and-call grammy, grampy, aunt, uncles, great aunt, great uncle and first cousins once removed.
c. He received approximately 100 gazillion presents over the course of one week.
d. He at more sugar in the course of the 10 days mentioned above than the rest of his days combined.
e. He spent 5 of those days with a terrible cold and was allowed to cuddle and watch as much TV as he has watched in the rest of his days combined.
f. His bottom eye teeth are finally, really, truly coming in.
g. He just turned two.
h. He's just messing with Mama and Dada.
i. All of the above (okay, except for a and maybe not h. H he'll save for at least a few more years from now, right?)

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