Wednesday, January 9, 2008

A Perfect Day

Yesterday was one of those perfect days.

It was one of my days home and I had scheduled Verizon to install our new FIOS. They told me it would take 4-6 hours to do the installation so I didn't make any plans for the day. However, due to a scheduling error they aren't coming until next week. It was like a free day!

The weather was so beautiful. We spent the entire morning at the park. It was so warm I was in short sleeves and Lucas just had on a long-sleeved tee. When it was time to go home for lunch Lucas ran over to the picnic table and said "food Mama". Darn! Why hadn't I thought to just bring lunch, too.

We walked five houses down (yes, we live five houses from one of the parks in our town and just around the corner from two more!) to our house for lunch. Lucas was a great eater and we even had a little conversation during lunch. Mostly I asked questions and he gave semi-reasonable answers to all of them. Mid-way through eating he stopped, looked at me and said, "Thank you Mama". It was SO sweet! Toward the end of lunch he rested his head on his hand and I asked if he was ready for his nap. He said yes and so we went upstairs. After a diaper change he laid right down, gave me a big smile and went to sleep.

I had two hours to check my e-mail, pay some bills, read blogs, etc. I also organized our desk and files. It didn't look like a big change, but it was something I'd really wanted to do for the new year. I got rid of a lot of old papers, started our new taxes file, etc. Satisfying work that I feel like I never really have time for.

When Lucas woke up we went right back to the park. Lots of kids were there in the afternoon and Lucas had a blast playing with a 6 year old (well, mostly running after him and trying to do all the things he was doing!).

Then, our big surprise--Abel came home early and met us at the park!

I was pushing Lucas in the swing when Abel walked up from behind me. Lucas started getting excited and saying "Dada! Dada!" and I didn't think twice about it until he started pointing. Sure enough! There was Abel walking across the field.

And, he brought our kite!

There was just enough wind to get it flying high a few times. Lucas and all the kids at the park really enjoyed it.

I had planned to make dinner that night, but who could resist staying outside in such great weather? Luckily we had our Let's Dish meals in the freezer so when we got home I moved our Citrus Tilapia with Almonds straight from the freezer to the oven, made some brown rice and steamed some baby asperagus. Yum!

After dinner Abel gave Lucas a bath and I chilled on the couch listening to NPR.

What a great day!

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  1. Sounds like a magical day. I love that you went to the park twice, just enjoying the warm weather and eachother!


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