Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Like the best summer camp ever

When we drove home from the beach on Saturday, we drove home without Lucas. No, we didn't leave him at the beach to frolic in the surf, he drove up to Pennsylvania with my parents and sister who is on the east coast for another week of vacation. Sarah declared that she needed more Lucas time, my dad is now officially retired and my mom's off for the summer as a teacher so we knew he'd have plenty of attention.

As far as I can tell, he's basically been at the most amazing summer camp ever. On Sunday they went to see the movie "Up" and I'm told that at the end, Lucas stood up on his chair and yelled, "that was awesome!"

On Monday they took him to Hershey Park. Just like when we were kids, my parents made sure to arrive at 10am, as soon as the park opened. The crew was my parents, sister, Lucas, Sarah's best childhood friend, Meredith, and Meredith's boyfriend and her 4yo niece. Coincidentally that niece is the daughter of one of my childhood best friends who my parents took with us to Hershey Park when I was not much older than Lucas. I'm told that after every single ride, Lucas wanted to ride it again and again. He basically had to be dragged to each new ride which he then declared to be THE BEST and wanted to ride and ride again. At 6:40pm I got the following text from my mom: "The adults r pooped. The kids r going strong. Bribing with Mickey Ds to leave."

Yesterday afternoon I got a call from Lucas. Apparently they had visited a farm. He saw cows, chickens, horses and pigs. He collected eggs from the hens. And, as he told me, he got to drive a truck. Here's the conversation we had about that:

Lucas: Mama, I drove a truck!
Smiling Mama: WHAT?! You got to drive a truck? Wow! That's so cool!
Lucas: No, Mama. Say, little boys can't drive cars or trucks!
Smiling Mama: Oh, okay. Little boys can't drive cars or trucks!
Lucas: Yes! It is possible!

He then handed the phone to my mom who said he had worked out that entire conversation before calling. Apparently at Hershey Park there were several rides where he got to "drive" and then at the farm there was some sort of rugged golf cart thing that he also drove. I think I'm in trouble now. He's always begging to drive our cars and I always tell him that little boys can't drive cars. He's going to be impossible to convince now that he believes that he has, in fact, driven cars and trucks!

Abel and I miss him like crazy. I'm so glad he's getting so much awesome time with my parents and sister but also am very jealous that he's having so many amazing first-time experiences without his mama and dada. His life is going to seem pretty boring next week when he's home--no beach, no amusement parks, no constant attention from many adults other than his parents! But it will be nice to have him around and get back to normal.

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  1. Ahhh... maybe Lucas will be worn out by next week and will be ready to come home and get back to his normal schedule! I'm sure that he misses you and Abel too.

    I've heard that the movie Up is GREAT. It's definitely on my must-see list.


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