Friday, July 17, 2009

Favorite Things Friday: Oral B Brush Ups

So I've mentioned before that I'm a little obsessed with my teeth. Despite the fact that I've had two emergency root canals in the past few years and the fact that I recently had to have a tooth pulled because there was nothing else that could be done to save it for the long-term, I swear that I take scrupulous care of my teeth. I shudder to think how much worse my dental issues would be if I didn't brush, floss and visit the dentist on a very regular basis.

And yet, this pregnancy has brought on a new dental woe: sour mouth. Basically, my mouth tastes bad almost all the time. It is just awful. In addition to brushing and using mouth wash more often throughout the day, another weapon in my arsenal is a product I've loved for years: Oral B Brush Ups. That's why I'm featuring them today for my Favorite Things Friday.

Brush Ups are basically little mint-flavored textured sleeves that fit over your fingertip. They are individually packaged. You simply put it on your finger and swipe over your teeth and tongue. They do a really great job of truly cleaning your teeth (that texture works wonders!) and freshening your breath. I always have a few in my purse. Except this exact moment, however, because I've been going through them more quickly than usual. I'll be sure to restock this weekend!

I really enjoyed having my sister guest post for Favorite Things Friday last week. Let me know if you have a favorite thing you'd like to do a future guest post about! E-mail smilingaimee [at] gmail [dot] com.

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