Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Must Nap

This is the second of three not previously published posts that I wrote about being pregnant before I was ready to spill the beans publicly. I'll be back from my little break next week!

I totally took a nap at work al la George Castanza the other day. It was great. Well, not exactly great, but it was good.

As I have mentioned, I have this huge office. Also, I have a door that locks. That is key to a successful nap at work. I had woken up exhausted that morning and since I have been napping pretty much every weekend day and when I am home with Lucas, I knew this full day of work was going to kill me. I grabbed my yoga mat and a beach towel on my way out the door.

After eating a quick lunch at my desk, I closed and locked my door, rolled out the mat placed the towel on top and laid down. The first five minutes dragged by and I almost got up. But then suddenly it was 35 minutes later. It wasn't overly comfortable but I wasn't completely uncomfortable, either. At minimum I will need a little travel pillow for future office naps. My dream is to bring an air mattress into the office but that might just be a little much, don't you agree?

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  1. I keep a pillow in my van for emergency naps. I work in a cube situation, so if I need to nap at work, I move my car under a tree in the far corner of the neighboring office's parking lot and fold the back seats down. Everything folds flat, so it makes a great surface for napping. 30mins and I'm usually ready to face my desk again.

  2. You know I nap everyday...The back seat of my car is my "napping station" which includes a pillow and blanket. I usually only need about 20min..but sometimes 30min is glorious!


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