Monday, July 6, 2009

Say something like that again and this kid will be an orphan at birth

This is the first of three not previously published posts that I wrote about being pregnant before I was ready to spill the beans publicly. I'll be back from my little break next week!

The pee test came up positive on Wednesday, May 13. I had already been feeling nauseous but hadn't mentioned it because one two three four previous pee tests had been negative. I knew I was pregnant just couldn't get that damn stick to agree with me. After the first second positive test I was, of course, certain and therefore felt free to start complaining verbalizing my obvious symptoms. The first time I mentioned how nauseous I was to Abel, he replied, "Already? Don't you think this is all in your head because the test was positive?"

I stammered a bit about how doesn't he watch TV or movies and notice that pretty much every character figures out she's pregnant because she's suddenly puking all the time and it starts right away and. and. and.

Next time I'll say: see above, my dear. See above.

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