Thursday, July 9, 2009

Positive proof

This is the third of three not previously published posts that I wrote about being pregnant before I was ready to spill the beans publicly. I'll be back from my little break next week!
*My deepest apologies to the artist but I have no idea where this cartoon came from! It is just too perfect to not include here.

So back in February when my hematologist gave me the okay to get pregnant she also told me that she wanted to be my second phone call when I found out. Conveniently, I already had an appointment scheduled for about a week after my positive pee test. I called the office a few days before the appointment to let them know that I was pregnant because I suspected they'd want to add that to my blood work. You know, they wouldn't necessarily take me at my word, they would need an actual positive blood test to add to the records, right? The nurse called me back to let me know that, indeed, the doctor would add it to my work up.

When the appointment came, however, they apparently had forgotten to add it. After waiting about 35 minutes for them to figure the result wasn't coming back because it wasn't tested for, they had me pee into a cup instead of making me get another blood draw that afternoon. By the time I met with the doctor the actual pee test results weren't back. Apparently that fact came to light later that evening when I was complaining to Abel about how long I had to wait for what ended up being a 3 minute visit with the doctor.

Abel: They didn't confirm it?

Smiling Mama: Well, I'm sure the results came back later in the afternoon.

Abel: But, they didn't call to tell you? I mean. What if you aren't pregnant?

Smiling Mama: Dude. Two positive pee tests, 4 weeks late, exhausted, nauseous all the time: I'm pregnant. We don't need the doctor to confirm it.

Abel: Well, if you're sure.

Smiling Mama: I'm sure.

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  1. My proof positive was bursting into tears (for no reason whatsoever) during an interview for an article for our company magazine. Well, that and the requisite two test sticks immediately following said cying episode... Congratulations!!


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