Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Casino Night

One highlight of this past weekend was the Casino Night fundraiser at our parish's school. I'd heard about this event last year and was determined to go this year. You see, I do so love to gamble. And, if I do say so myself, am not too shabby at games of skill/chance. With our $20 ticket, we got $50 in casino money, a drink ticket and some yummy apps and desserts. I really wanted to play poker--Texas Hold 'Em--but that table was full all night. I hovered over the blackjack tables but those people weren't budging either. Finally, I went over to the money wheel and put a $5 chip down on the 20 slot. I hit! And won $100!! I played a few more but didn't want to waste my chips on that so went back to hovering over the blackjack players.

The real craziness of the night came about 8:30pm when the power went out! Of course we were in the church basement so it was pitch black. It only took about 30 seconds for the cell phones to pop out at the gambling tables so that play could continue! Too funny! And, of course, candles were aplenty. So, within about 10 minutes church candles illuminated every table. Since we're only about 4 blocks from church, I figured our power was out at home, too. Poor babysitter! My neighbor and I quickly walked back home to light candles and secure flashlights for our sitters before heading straight back to the party.

When I got back I continued hovering at blackjack and FINALLY a chair opened up. I sat down and did pretty darn well. At one point I was up to above $200. Someone asked what you did with your chips at the end of the night and I quipped: "You put them into the collection basket tomorrow!" I'm not naturally a very funny person so love coming up with lines like that that garner laughs. In reality, the people with the most chips at the end of the night got their pick of various donated prizes. The guy next to me was holding at least 5 $100 chips so I figured I was out of the running for a prize. As the night drew to a close, I started betting wildly--at least $25 on each hand. Of course, I started losing quickly. I ended up with about $30 and gave those to the guy next to me to help him get a better prize.

What a fun night!

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