Saturday, February 28, 2009

Only in Washington

A few weeks ago, Abel and I went to our parish school's Casino Night fundraiser. As part of the festivities (and money raising) they held a silent and live auction as well. Abel was just itching to bid on something in the live auction and ended up winning us 2 tickets to the Washington Wizards v. Chicago Bulls game which was last night. Despite living in the DC-area for many, many years we'd only been to one other Wizards game--when Michael Jordon was playing for them. Neither of us are huge fans of basketball but he ended up winning the tickets for less then the face value of one ticket so we were happy to have a basketball date night.

As we approached the arena we noticed that the lines were coming out the door. That was strange, we'd never seen anything like that before. When we got in, we realized that the Secret Service was there checking every bag and putting each person through the magnetometer.

Was Obama there?

It would make sense. We all know he's a huge basketball fan and the Bulls are his home team.

When we got to our seats, I started scanning all the boxes for some sign that the President might be up there. Nothing seemed out of the ordinary, though. Then, just a few minutes into the game, the crowd erupted! President Obama and about six other guys walked in and took seats on the floor! Wow! The crowd went wild. Can you imagine the players? Playing through those cheers: cheers that weren't for them but were for the biggest person they could ever hope to have in their stands? Wow!

Our auction-won tickets were pretty great--we were directly behind one of the baskets, about 22 rows off the floor. Obama sat in the corner on the opposite side so we had a very clear view of him for the entire game. Both Abel and I admitted that we watched Obama much more than the game! My stomach was just jumping the entire time. I just couldn't believe he was there. I just kept thinking that I hoped he was able to relax and enjoy himself for those 4 quarters of basketball. He's got so much pressure on him, I'm sure he needed it.


  1. OMG! That is awesome! What a lucky buy.

  2. First of all, you have amazing luck and secondly...How cool is that?!? Does it make up for Purple Gate? Nah, I suppose nothing will ever make up for missing the inauguration!


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