Saturday, February 7, 2009

Grace in Small Things, Week 1

I've been really enjoying Susan at Friday Playdate's Grace in Small Things posts, an idea she got from Schmutzie. (Follow that?) The challenge is to write down 5 things each day that have graced your life. I really like this idea because I believe it is so easy to not notice the many, many small graces that we encounter each day. So, I'm jumping in. Except, I'm a month late. And, I don't think I an commit to posting each day so I'll commit to posting a list each week.

Here's my first list.

1. A warm day in February. It was 50 degrees on Sunday, the first day of February and I was outside for a good chunk of the day to enjoy it.

2. Abel getting home from work early on Tuesday. (I wonder if 6pm would be considered early, on time or late in other parts of the country!)

3. Wednesday's light dusting of snow and Lucas stomping around in his boots thoroughly enjoying it while I brushed off the car before dropping him off at daycare and heading to work.

4. No bake cookies. Whipping up a batch of my ultimate comfort food. (Actually half a batch because I was almost out of sugar and knew I'd eat 90% of them myself!)

5. Sisters. My wonderful sister and being able to offer just a small bit of comfort to my friend Katie on the anniversary of her sister's death.

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  1. Don't you love recording the things that you are thankful for? For a couple of years, I kept a daily journal that documented a minimum of three things each day that made me feel thankful. It was a great way to end a bad day on a high note.


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