Wednesday, February 18, 2009


Yesterday's post was pretty bleak. I was feeling bleak. But, today is a new day. Lucas slept last night. Actually he slept with us and so we could comfort him and get him back to sleep immediately whenever he woke up coughing. He woke up at 7am and somehow miraculously both he and I went back to sleep until 8:30. EIGHT THIRTY. Wow. I showered (an improvement over yesterday), we played, etc. And, he is currently napping (another huge improvement over yesterday). Also, the coughing is significantly decreased. All in all things are looking up.

I'm thinking of my packing and am going to try to pack as light as possible. One benefit of seeing two friends independent of each other is that I'm planning to re-wear just 2 outfits (!) and so need to figure out the perfect combinations. I'll definitely be including my inauguration-purchased long johns! The only thing holding me back from not checking a bag is my contact solution. But, at $15 each way, it will be significantly cheaper to just buy a new bottle in Boston. Crazy, right? I heard a rumor that the FAA is going to change that pesky 3ozs of liquid rule. Wouldn't that be great?

There's Lucas stirring.


  1. Today is a new day - hallelujah!

    I always buy travel-size bottles of saline solution at Target that meet the carry-on requirements. If you're not picky about using a particular brand, maybe this would work?


  2. I have saline for soft contacts if that works for you...or we can be sure to stop at CVS to get you some for your trip. I hate these liquid requirements and the fees for checking any baggage. It's a crime!

  3. I haven't woken up at 8:30 am in at least 4 years. Boo.

    Hope you have a great trip!

  4. Have a great trip! That was a quick turnaround - thank goodness! And I'm curious now... GeoTrax episodes? There's a show?


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