Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Sick day

Lucas had a terrible cough all weekend that we did our best to ignore. Not ignore in a call-child-welfare way but ignore in a surely-this-is-nothing-and-he'll-be-better-tomorrow way. We started up his nebulizer treatments and stayed close to home but Abel and I both stayed up late every night letting ourselves think that when we did go to bed we'd get to sleep through until morning. Each night we seemed to forget (or ignore, see above) the fact that Lucas was waking up every few hours and hacking up a lung. So, it was no surprise that indeed Lucas was not better this morning and Abel and I were exhausted. I got Lucas in for one of the first appointments at the pediatrician (which was surprisingly not insanely busy after a long weekend) and the diagnosis is pneumonia. Poor little buddy.

The doctor gave us a prescription for an antibiotic and ordered 4 rounds of the albuterol and 2 of the pulmicort daily, through the nebulizer, through the weekend.

So now I have a kid totally hopped up on steroids who is feeling like crap. We're stuck in the house and, oh by the way, I'm feeling a bit achy and coughy myself.

I. Can. Not. Get. Sick. I've got a solo trip to Boston planned for this weekend to visit two dear friends. I know! So exciting!

You see, when I was going through my neatly filed jumble of paperwork to find all our tax documents, I discovered that I had a free round trip flight from a terribly delayed or cancelled (I can barely remember!) flight for work last February. I had completely forgotten about it!

Here was the catch, I had to use it--not book a flight but actually fly--by February 24. I tried to book a flight to visit my sister in San Diego for this past weekend, but this airline considers San Diego a "seasonal destination" and doesn't go there until May. Isn't that strange? What east coaster doesn't want to go to sunny San Diego in the winter? No wonder these airlines are having so much trouble. Anyway. My second choice was a quick jaunt up to Boston to visit my oldest college friend, Jill, and my dear friend Katie.

I'm so excited to hang out with these girls, not to mention a solo weekend trip. In an effort to stave off any illness that may be coming my way, I decided to forgo a shower or reading the paper or blogging while Lucas napped, but to crawl into my own bed and take a short afternoon snooze as well.

Unfortunately, Lucas must have sensed something was up and wandered into my room. He crawled into bed and proceeded to spend the next hour going crazy. Climbing on me, coughing into my face, singing me songs, asking for hugs, laying on my head. You get the picture. I finally gave up and now am on-line for the duration of two GeoTrax episodes downing a diet coke and multivitamin and fake clementine (I feel I was duped at the grocery store because these little things are too sour and have too-thin skin to be clementines but whatever they are, they have got to have Vitamin C, right?).

I. Can. Not. Get. Sick.

Oh, and I hope Lucas is feeling better tomorrow, too!


  1. Oh no! I feel badly for Lucas but worse for you since I'm hoping that you are able to fight off your cold until after you get home from your fab Boston weekend. Have you ever taken Airborne???? A fizzy tablet contains 1000% of daily vitamin C and always seems to help me. Good luck!

  2. Be careful with the Airborne Tech Savvy- it's a fake. There was a class-action lawsuit and everything. (google it)

  3. DO NOT GET SICK!!! But also I hope Lucas is better and you feel better by Friday. Take it easy and think healthy!


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