Friday, February 13, 2009

Favorite Things Friday: Iomoi e-stationary

For today's edition of Favorite Things Friday, I bring you's *free* e-stationary.

How often do you want to send a sweet birthday message or congratulatory note but you don't want to sent a cheesy e-card that plays cheesy music and you don't want to send a plain old boring e-mail? For those special notes--and even just when you want to make an everyday message a little more special--iomoi has the perfect solution.

If you are familiar with iomoi, or if you click here to check them out, you'll soon see that they have absolutely gorgeous stationary and other lovely gifts. For $15 dollars you can purchase a 1-year membership to their e-stationary line which gives you access to a full range of gorgeous options. But, you can send individual messages, using a more limited range of designs, for free by selecting the "send a free sample" option.

I think the 1-year membership to the full e-stationary line makes a great little engagement gift for a newly engaged friend. In fact, I purchased it for a friend's engagement a few years ago. How fun would it be to send your wedding-planning correspondence on these lovely templates?

If you haven't mailed any Valentine messages yet, there are several lovely Valentine templates under the free sample option. Get online first thing tomorrow morning and send some e-love!


  1. This is a great idea for me. I am always late and bad with sending b-day cards, or any type of card. Will have to try it out! Thanks for the tip.

  2. I've purchased some of their notecards in the past and love it. So elegant but fun. Also don't they do great paperweights?

    Got your Valentine! Thank you!!!

  3. As the recipient of the lovely engagement gift a few years ago, I can tell you this is a great find! I loved having access to all the different designs and got many compliments on my emails.


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