Monday, February 23, 2009

Old Friends

I had such a wonderful time in Boston this weekend. I feel so lucky to have such wonderful girlfriends--I've known Katie for 8 years and Jill for 14 years. Wow. 14 years. Incredible. You know those people you have enough history with, enough in common with, that you just "get" well enough to have a wonderful conversation with even if it has been a year since the last one. I am lucky that Katie and Jill are each that kind of friend for me. I am certain that these two women will be in my life forever and that is a wonderful thought.

Lucas. Oh my gosh. This kid seriously grew up a few years while I was away. How did that happen? I think the difference was particularly striking because last week I was home with a not-feeling-well-and-quite-whiny little boy. By Sunday evening he was back to his old self. At dinner, in between bites of grilled cheese, he looked directly at me and said, "And how was your day, Mama?"

Oh, hello there young man, nice to meet you. But, what, perchance, but what did you do with my toddler?

I left on Friday feeling that I was going to owe Abel big-time for allowing me to go on this jaunt. I know I had a free ticket with a very close deadline but he could have asked me not to go. Instead, he was totally fine and I literally didn't give any thought to how he and Lucas would do for the weekend. I left no lists or instructions or meals or anything at all. Because I didn't have to. Katie's husband asked who was watching Lucas this weekend and I replied, "His father is parenting him!" I know I am lucky to have in Abel a spouse who is a true partner in parenting.

But, I'm off the hook on owing him because he shipped Lucas off to my parents! My mom had gone a few weeks without seeing her grandson and Lucas was especially missing his grammy, too. So, Abel and my parents met half way on Saturday afternoon for the hand-off then again on Sunday afternoon for the pick-up. This gave Abel some nice time to himself, too, which I know he enjoyed.

So I'll leave you with Lucas's favorite (only) knock knock joke. A joke, mind you, that I shared with Jill's pediatrician husband. He laughed and said it was the "perfect" knock knock joke for a three year old. Which, of course, translated in my mommy mind to mean "in my professional opinion as a pediatrician who has seen thousands of children, your son is a genius"

Knock. Knock.
Who's there?
Lucas who?
Can I come into your house?

(Translation for my non-mom readers: 3 year olds are very literal. I mean, why else would you be knocking if you didn't want to go in?)


  1. Your weekend sounds lovely! I'm so glad that you had a good time!

  2. great weekend!
    That's awesome that your hubby got time to himself too-
    no guilt :)

  3. that knock knock joke is the best! I think I'm going to tell it to my students tomorrow. Also, I can't believe you've known Jill for 14 years.. that just shows how OLD you are. wow. ;)


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