Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Winner winner chicken dinner

Congratulations to Susan, aka 2KoP, lucky commenter #9 who won my BOCA goody bag! Susan was also my only commenter who took the time to enter the Balanced Living contest at (or at least she's the only one who came back to tell me she entered!).

I am certain each and every one of you deserves some extra balance in your life and I'm sorry I don't have enough of these for everyone. But, it's not too late to hop on over and enter the Boca Balanced Living Challenge.

Thanks to everyone for reading and entering!

P.S. Susan, couldn't help but notice on your blog that you're a Michigan fan. Hope you can still find balance when using the red--let's just call it Buckeye scarlet--yoga mat. Not that I'm trying to stir anything up or anything...!!

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  1. Oh, you poor, deluded OSU fan. You have my pity, but more importantly, my thanks for the great prize. I really do appreciate it. My daughter is an official vegetarian and the coupon will be of great use. I'm a little scared of the Yoga mat (who knew Yoga was so hard!?) Go Blue!


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