Monday, February 9, 2009

Valentine's Day Preparations

Valentine's Day is fast approaching! It's a holiday I've always loved, even more so since my first Valentine's Day with Abel (which I blogged about last year). I'm still brainstorming my idea for this year's handmade card for him. Last year's ended up pretty cute. I traced my hand and Lucas's hand and cut them out. Then, I glued their "wrists" to the back of a flat note card so that they came around the front where I intertwined the fingers to "close" the note. There was a message from Lucas and me on the inside. I certainly don't strive for perfection with these cards--the cheesier and more homemade looking, the better!

Tomorrow Lucas and I will be "writing" out some Valentine notes to send to our far-away family members. Before Christmas I ordered 10 of these caricature note cards from VistaPrint. (A site I learned about from A Parent in Silver Spring: they offer all these great products for free, you just pay shipping!) Since I already had enough Christmas cards, I turned them into Valentine's Day cards!

If you are planning on sending out electronic Valentine messages, you can make your own personalized candy hearts (like mine above) here.

Abel noticed me cherry picking my favorite candy heart colors last night. I eat the white, yellow and green first. I'm neutral on orange but really dislike the pink and purple. How about you?


  1. So funny, I totally leave green and white until last.

  2. The purple ones definitely taste funny!


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