Friday, February 27, 2009

Grace in Small Things, Week 4

My brother-in-law is arriving home from a 7 month deployment to Iraq (his second) today. TODAY! I am so over the moon happy for my sister that he is arriving home safe and sound. So, today's Grace in Small Things is really full of big things and it is in their honor.

1. The men and women who are serving our country.

2. Their brave, brave families who keep life running at home while they are away.

3. My little sister who is stronger than I could have ever imagined her to be.

4. Her two big dogs who have been faithful protectors, companions and shoulders to cry on during this deployment and last.

5. The possibility that the Marines might possibly see fit to move Sarah and Mike back East.


  1. I didn't think today would be a day for tears, but apparently it is. :) Thank you for the sweet tribute. I am so over the moon happy, too. And, I am also thankful for all of those things you mentioned.

  2. I always like to take opportunities to honor the men and women who serve our country. It's a shame how many of them are treated when they return.


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